Current trends and challenges

Trends / Challenges
  • Deriving actionable intelligence from big data generated by 'smart' ecosystem
  • Unprecedented customer and device connectivity via mobile solutions and the Internet of Things
  • Integration of artificial intelligence into the control center for grid monitoring, issue diagnostics and automatic work order release
  • 'Prosumerism' driving new solution needs that are highly customer-centric and enable customer engagement, control, and loyalty
How Infosys Consulting can help

Infosys partners with our utilities clients to provide proven, leading-edge services that ensure success and ROI on the transformation journey.

To meet the challenges of the rapidly evolving utilities landscape, Infosys brings relevant, unsurpassed expertise in the following areas:

  • Big data / analytics – deriving actionable intelligence from big data generated by the Smart ‘Ecosystem’ and operational assets
  • IoT for utilities – connecting assets, customers, and services to enable on-demand information visibility for real-time decision making, field operations support, demand response, and customer engagement
  • Artificial Intelligence – assessing readiness for AI adoption, customizing the AI roadmap for optimal impact, and partnering for AI integration.
  • Advanced 'prosumer' solutions – implementing new solutions for demand response (DR) and customer information & billing (CI&B) to drive customer engagement, control, and / or loyalty
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