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Warranty Management

Managing warranty is an enterprise-wide challenge that affects several departments including quality, customer service, product development, finance, and procurement. Information technology (IT) departments struggle to support complex and interdependent warranty-related systems and the large volume of complex data residing within them. Without accurate data, finance departments are unable to handle the reserves and accruals required to reflect escalating claims and recalls. While the quality department is tasked with identifying and analyzing the root cause of such failures, engineering departments struggle to improve future models and achieve quality launches. Further, the lack of timely and accurate product-related information causes previous failures to recur in new models. Meanwhile, the warranty department must provide quick and accurate processing of claims while keeping the transaction costs to a minimum. All these departments often operate in silos with few common processes, leading to ineffective and inflexible core warranty processes.

Owing to these challenges, warranty management is unable to keep pace with the new developments in the automotive industry. Without a holistic approach to warranty management that addresses the need for improvements in processes and technology, comprehensive transformation is impossible.

Our Offering

Infosys Consulting enables seamless warranty management through advanced analytics that leverages a combination of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and an early warning system (EWS). Our approach helps clients achieve the optimal balance between automation, manual claims processing and analytics.

As the maturity and effectiveness of warranty processes and systems varies significantly across organizations, we have designed a modular solution that simplifies the effort required to transform warranty management. Our solution includes:

  • Analyzing the current state to target priorities across the complete warranty value chain
  • Assessing the existing warranty management scenario against modern and best-of-breed solutions
  • Implementing an end-to-end warranty management system along with integration services

Offering Owner

Tom Madonna Tom Madonna, Partner,