The Infosys Automotive practice develops networking and embedded engineering solutions to enhance the performance and reliability of powertrains, enable on-board diagnostics, improve safety, and enhance vehicle design aesthetics. The Infosys Emerging Technologies Center of Excellence capitalizes on artificial intelligence, modeling tools and machine learning to improve sense-analyze-notify capabilities of digital assets.

Our embedded systems include controller devices and sensors for engine control (fuel injectors, engine speed, coolant temperature, and fuel pump), cruise control (automatic landing and autonomous navigation), safety (brake and airbags), driver assistance (night vision and information systems), interiors (climate control, infotainment and displays), and statutory compliance (emissions and noise pollution).

Infosys integrates the electronics ecosystem and develops secure interfaces, which facilitates co-creation of embedded components and applications with suppliers and partners. In addition, we create telematics dashboards to drive automatic collision notification and stolen vehicle location services.

Infosys services for connected platforms span design, platform engineering and reengineering, hardware design and prototyping, DevOps, platform development, software release management, firmware / drivers, and middleware integration. Further, we build simulators to create a real-time automated test environment.

We use proprietary tools to configure the hardware abstraction layer in Automotive Open System Architecture (AUTOSAR) 2.0. This replacement of version-controlled COTS tools accelerates time-to-market and saves costs. Significantly, our tools can be reused / modified for various AUTOSAR-based products as well as micro controllers, and for generating configuration files.

The Infosys Internet of Things Center of Excellence enhances embedded hardware and applications across the automobile lifecycle.

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Embedded Systems

Embedded Systems

  • Device drivers
  • Hardware engineering
  • Platform development
  • Firmware development
  • Middleware integration
Electronic systems

Electronic systems

  • BSP packages
  • ECU development
  • Validation engineering
  • Off board tools and applications
Control systems

Control systems

  • Integrated user experience
  • Integration and testing
  • HMI design and development


  • Vehicle diagnostics
  • Remote monitoring
  • Backhaul connectivity
  • Over The Air (OTA) upgrade

Point of View: Mobility 2.0 – Technology on wheels

Automobile manufacturers need to leverage smart technology and communication systems to provide mobility-as-a-service.


Challenges & Solutions

Team of experts with experience across protocols, architectures, and hardware and software tools design and implementing embedded systems for automobiles.

Embedded systems support dozens of microcontrollers per vehicle for diverse facilities – from emission control to automatic parking and in-vehicle entertainment.

Systems integration approach enables incremental adoption of AUTOSAR-compatible vehicular subsystems.