Infosys Chemical Manufacturing implements state-of-the-art infrastructure and deploys advanced digital technologies to facilitate remote operations. We undertake plant modernization to transform legacy units in a chemical complex into smart production centers for autonomous operations. Smart manufacturing enterprises boost productivity by deploying connected assets such as industrial robots for stacking pallets or drones for aerial inspection of installations. Further, wearable mixed reality devices can be used for mechanical, electrical and pipeline repair and maintenance work.

Infosys creates a digital twin of infrastructure facilities across a site. It provides a 360-degree view, facilitating critical techno-economic analysis for plant modernization and process improvement. Our plant modernization programs range from joint ventures for augmenting production capacity to conversion of naphtha / fuel oil / Low Sulphur Heavy Stock (LSHS)-based units into energy-efficient plants.

Our strategic partnerships with wireless technology providers as well as semiconductor manufacturers help us leverage prototype boards to accelerate development of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions. We create gateways to capture data from sensors and IIoT applications and transmit it to cloud platforms. In addition, we migrate functional modules of ERP systems to the cloud for eliminating silos of functional departments and databases. This approach enables a ‘single source of truth’ for operational and business systems.

Infosys Chemical Manufacturing capitalizes on real-time data to boost efficiency across multiple dimensions – supply chain, operations, asset maintenance, information, and energy efficiency. Our solutions drive operational excellence by using Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine Learning (ML) tools and seamless connectivity across production systems, plant equipment, inventory, quality, and business processes. AI / ML algorithms analyze historical as well as real-time data, predict outcomes, and provide actionable business insights for corrective / preventive action.


Challenges & Solutions

Process SMEs and consultants align the asset landscape with the dynamic market and regulatory environment.

Analytical tools for maturity level and gap analysis help prioritize use cases and guide roadmaps for technology-based transformation.

e-Learning solutions and knowledge management portals nurture successive generations of talent.