Case Study

Robotic Process Automation Transforms University Operations

An Australian public research university wanted to automate processes involving more than 50,000 students and 3,000 academic staff across multiple locations.

Infosys implemented a robotic process automation (RPA) solution to minimize human intervention and accelerate transactions for the high volume of services. We leveraged our AssistEdge platform to automate high frequency processes by deploying virtual bots.

Key Challenges

  • The University administrative staff spent significant time and effort managing processes of student scholarships, Management Reporter reports, and human resources processes of leave delegation, staff movement, and onboarding.
  • Human-intensive processes caused backlogs during peak periods resulting in long gestation.
  • Student and academia processes increased staffing costs while providing a sub-par user experience.

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The Solution

Automation of student and academia processes enhances the end user experience while minimizing human intervention.

Infosys leveraged the AssistEdge RPA platform to automate high-touch, high-frequency processes at the University.

Our team onboarded the platform to operate processes and transactions unassisted till successful completion.

The outcome of each process is shared with stakeholders via status updates, and messages of each transaction are recorded in a dashboard.

Our solution transformed student services, HR operations, and IT administration by automating scholarship processing, leave delegation, and HR onboarding processes.

Process automation ensures accuracy and prompt outcomes

  • Automated five high-frequency processes across functions and systems
  • Virtual bots ensure process excellence across student and academia touchpoints
  • Process automation manages high volume of services without human intervention


Process Excellence with RPA

The Infosys robotic process automation solution ensured process excellence resulting in -

Annual processing of 8,000 transactions

Annual processing of 8,000 transactions

Improved processing time of up to 50%

Improved processing time of up to 50%

Deployment of four robotic automation use cases, including 17 sub-use cases

Deployment of four robotic automation use cases, including 17 sub-use cases