The Infosys Education practice helps universities meet enrollment targets while maximizing tuition revenue. As the cost of world-class higher education rises, candidates shortlist educational institutions that offer a competitive tuition fee structure based on admission eligibility criteria and academic performance. Infosys helps educational institutions attract a global pool of meritorious students while maximizing tuition revenue in the face of shrinking federal / state / endowment support.

Infosys leverages advanced technology for enrollment management at higher education institutions. Our suite of solutions balances tools (college scorecard, online results, net price calculator) with tuition fee structure (grants, endowments, performance-based funding) to help universities make informed and strategic enrollment decisions.

Infosys combines Nia, our artificial intelligence and machine learning platform, and our student genome model to enhance enrollment at universities. Our solution helps educational institutions target, attract, and engage with high caliber students by undertaking profiling across academic, behavioral, and demographic dimensions. The data gathered from structured (digital engagement via sales channels) as well as unstructured (social media channels) sources offers insights to segment the pool of candidates, engage with prospects for enrollment, and distill feedback from students during the academic year.

We help universities achieve academic and business goals for enrollment of students

Admission Service Providers

Challenges & Solutions

Adopt a scientific approach to support educational institutions investing in potential student candidates and meet their recruitment goals.

Design an enrollment strategy to cultivate a global pool of students / applicants with an enrollment process providing visibility into your student community profile.

Maximize conversion (from inquiry to application) and yield (admission to enrollment) rates by ensuring accuracy at each stage of the enrollment process.