The Infosys Education practice helps schools and districts develop a robust student data ecosystem to capitalize on actionable insights across the lifetime of students. Our team of education specialists devises data frameworks to help constituents (superintendents, administrators, teachers, students, parents) access relevant information to make timely and informed decisions.

Infosys implements Student Information Systems (SIS) that transcend a repository of student data. Our SIS solutions for K-12 schools and districts harness cloud and mobile technologies to capitalize on longitudinal student data at any stage of the learning journey.

Our future-proof SIS solutions are built on a foundational layer of business intelligence (BI), are interoperable with external systems from the outset, and deployed on cloud-hosted and SaaS models. We customize the solution and incorporate unique functionalities and bolt-on modules to address the specific requirements of educational institutions.

Infosys' SIS solutions enhance the agility of schools and districts by boosting the productivity of the teaching faculty and administrative staff, rationalizing the operational expenditure of IT, and driving superior learning outcomes for students.

We help schools and districts gain enhanced visibility into the longitudinal data of students.

Student Information System

Challenges & Solutions

Adopt a data-first approach to distill insights from longitudinal student data for personalized learning programs.

Design a data ecosystem to harness student data for a 'single version of the truth'.

Adopt open source and cloud technology to accelerate return on IT investments.