Navigate your next in Education


Your educational institution needs to respond to shifts in learning to attract and retain students of the millennial generation. At the same time, you need to support teaching faculty and administrators for knowledge sharing and streamlined operations.

Infosys offers education solutions for a better student and faculty experience. Our suite of solutions automates processes for assessment, learning, scheduling, and performance. Our ecosystem facilitates personalized learning pathways, virtual teaching support, and smooth administrative workflows.

Our offerings for the education industry are based on three principles:

  • Artificial intelligence (AI)-powered core: reinforces learning with immersive content and distills insights for interventions by teachers to address gaps in knowledge.
  • Agile digital at scale: enriches learning through robust data management, cognitive automation, cloud-based analytics, and learning simulation techniques.
  • Always-on learning: re-skills the faculty and administration through training in Design Thinking and data science.

Engage students with an immersive learning experience.

Design personalized learning pathways based on longitudinal student data.

Adopt omnichannel learning strategy for superior student outcomes.

Create a learning ecosystem to support students as well as teachers.

Safeguard student and school / university data from security breaches.