The Infosys Education practice offers a next-generation solution to ensure accurate assessment and superior learning outcomes for the K-12 cohort. Our solution is designed to address gaps in assimilating knowledge and chart a personalized learning pathway for students.

Infosys Wingspan is a cloud- and mobile-first learning solution leveraging open source to enrich the learning experience. On the one hand, our learning solution facilitates knowledge discovery by providing students with rich media content to accelerate learning. On the other, Wingspan enables the teacher to assess knowledge skills / proficiency levels and schedule interventions to address gaps in knowledge.

Our learning methodology combines instructor-led learning, assisted learning, and self-learning based on the student profile. Wingspan guides learners with a voice-enabled ‘learning assistant.’ Our knowledge repository of curated content enables learning based on interest, skill, and function / role. Our catalogue of learning artifacts includes videos, podcasts, and interactive content formats.

Wingspan uses gamification to balance collaboration with competition among peers and maximize learning outcomes. Our advanced learning solution introduces coding into the education ecosystem by organizing coding contests and hackathons.

Our next-generation learning solution is designed to chart a personalized learning pathway.

Learning Management and Online Assessment Systems

Challenges & Solutions

Our mobile-first approach facilitates on-demand, instructor-led, assisted, and self-learning.

Our learning solutions leverage open source and cloud technology to address shifts in curriculum and methodology.

Our focus on learning analytics ensures actionable insights for personalized learning pathways.