The Infosys Education practice partners with admission service providers of colleges and universities to facilitate a convenient and frictionless student experience during admission. Our team combines expertise in application development, infrastructure management, portal solutions, and cybersecurity to process the applications of tens of thousands of students on the admissions portal logging in at the same time for Confirmation and Clearance (C&C).

Infosys leverages advanced technologies to facilitate maximum availability of IT infrastructure during the admissions process. Our suite of solutions drives automation for accurate processing of millions of applications at the first instance.

Our Cloud practice ensures near 100% uptime and availability of the admissions portal during the critical admissions season by reconfiguring applications, streamlining processes, and reinforcing infrastructure to manage peak demand and traffic.

Infosys Agile & DevOps Services combine Design Thinking with Lean principles to gain an end-to-end view of the education value chain. Our approach enhances the agility of educational institutions, enabling them to make changes through rapid iterations, driven by automation.

Infosys Cybersecurity Services safeguard the privacy of students and integrity of admissions data. Our holistic cybersecurity solutions cover robust encryption and firewall security systems.

Our suite of admission services combines technology approaches to facilitate a convenient admissions process.

Admission Service Providers

Challenges & Solutions

Our rich experience in artificial intelligence-driven automation enhances Confirmation and Clearance (C&C) at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

The Infosys Cloud practice offers holistic solutions to manage spikes in traffic by transforming applications, enhancing business processes, and upgrading the IT infrastructure.

The Infosys Cybersecurity practice capitalizes on deep domain expertise and longstanding partnerships with industry leaders to reinforce the security apparatus of the admissions infrastructure.