A NelsonHall blog: Infosys Cobalt for FS – Accelerating Banks’ Enterprise Journeys to the Cloud

The advantages of cloud delivery in terms of operational performance and hyper-scaling businesses is clear. To help banks accelerate their migration to the cloud most effectively and transform their business models, Infosys has created a financial services specific Cobalt offering.

Andy Efstathiou, Director at NelsonHall, has published a blog on Infosys’ FS industry specific cloud offering:

“As banks migrate more of their operational footprint to a multi-cloud environment, the technology will become more robust. However, the business advantage comes from being an early mover. All financial institutions are looking for the broadest, most robust set of tools, technological and human, to enable them to transform their business models for a more agile, open banking industry.”

To find out more about the type of tools and platforms banks need to start their cloud journey, visit the NelsonHall blog.