The Future of Custody and Depository Services – by Everest Group

Global custodians need to consolidate, analyze, and report on significant amounts of data, while adapting to rapidly evolving regulations. Similarly, investor demand for value-added services has put pressure on custodians and depositors to offer extended middle-office services, beyond trade capture, safekeeping, and recording of marketable assets.

Custodians also face competition from FinTechs and technology providers, which offer diverse services such as fund administration, collateral management, and digital custody. At the same time, there is a pressing need for the industry to orchestrate the safekeeping of digital assets.

Everest Group, a leading global research firm, has published a research report which describes the benefits of a platforms-based approach for custodians and depositors and recommends the way forward to implement it. Infosys is pleased to offer this important report to you.

Download the report here