Infosys – A Leader and Star Performer in Everest Group’s Platform IT Services PEAK Matrix® 2022

Banking and Financial Services (BFS) firms are pivoting to a robust IT modernization and digital transformation approach in response to the immense challenges they currently face, such as rising cost pressures, changing customer and market expectations, monolithic architectures, legacy systems, evolving regulatory frameworks, and accelerated competition from FinTechs and technology giants.

In this PEAK Matrix® report for Platform IT Services in 2022, Everest Group, a leading global research firm, assessed 18 service providers on their platform IT services in BFS, including their vision, capability and market impact. Infosys has emerged as the only Leader that is also a designated Star Performer in this assessment, have a look at the graph below:

Infosys – A Leader and Star Performer in Everest Group’s Platform IT Services PEAK Matrix® 2022

Key strengths recognized in the report:

  • Infosys has a multi-layered strategy of home-grown platform offerings (Infosys Finacle and Infosys Cobalt), product technology services for third-party platforms and leveraging FinTech partnerships to innovate for/with clients
  • Credible investments have been made in strategic domain-backed platforms like mortgage as a service and retirements as a service
  • A platform-centric 4D (digital, design, data and domain) approach differentiates Infosys in integration and modernization engagements
  • Significant investments have been made for Infosys Innovation Network (INN) with establishment of multiple digital studios, living labs, co-innovation centers and CoEs
  • Infosys is well positioned as an implementation partner with the acquisitions of Carter Digital & Kaleidoscope Innovation (SAP), Simplus (Salesforce) and GuideVision (ServiceNow)
  • Resilience and business continuity capabilities are applauded by Infosys’ clients

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