The Shift to a Platform-based Operating Model in Lending – by Everest Group

The lending industry has been at an inflection point in the past couple of years owing to technological advancements withing lending and the changing macroeconomic scenario.

Traditionally lending firms have grown organically and via inorganic investments leading to multiple disparate systems that are siloed by products or business units. The profitability pressure along with the need to enhance operational efficiency and experience requires lending firms to modernize and simplify systems. On one hand, lenders are struggling with legacy systems that are siloed by products or business units. On the other, new-age FinTechs are already disrupting the ways of working. A platform-based IT operating model brings elements of composable architecture, data-driven operations, and as-a-service consumption models, creating impact across experience, agility, and efficiency for a lender.

Everest Group, a leading global research firm, has published a research report which describes the benefits of platforms-based approach for lenders around the globe and concludes the way forward with the emerging patterns in the global lending platforms market. Infosys is pleased to offer this important report to you.

Download the report here