The client is an American multinational investment bank and financial services company with offices in more than 42 countries. The client caters service offerings to corporations, governments, institutions and individuals.

This US client partnered with Infosys to create a single platform to deliver comprehensive and scalable solution for its advisor teams. Infosys implemented a “one-stop” platform which enabled to reach the service desk with call prioritization and single platform FAQs. Improved advisor teams’ experience and shortened their query resolution time. Also, the developed platform offered a rich UI with additional features like chatbot, smart search for better user interaction.

Key Challenges

  • The advisor teams used to get many open questions and it was quite difficult to search answers for these questions in existing application repository as the old system had different places for searching different topics.
  • In the foregoing platform used by advisor teams, the calls went through multiple IVR’s before being routed to the correct helpdesk.
  • Lack of single platform for advisor’s FAQs and no priority was given to premier users.
  • User authentication for service desk agent consumed a lot of time.

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The Solution

Infosys Methodology

  • Development of a featured “Single Platform” having rich UI built in angular along with SOLR for easy retrieval/searching in a collection of 5000+ FAQs gathered from the advisory teams.
  • Inclusion of Smart Search using Natural Language processing to build a powerful search engine that analyzes and drives meaning from search inputs, evolves over time to deliver more accurate and relevant search results.
  • Implementation of functionalities like integrated Chatbot, Click-2-Dial, integration for directly connecting users to service desk by automatic authentication and routing based on premier user priority

Key Processes Undertaken

  • Identify the short-comings of foregoing application, drawing a solution design and customizing the platform via integration of additional features to make it a single-stop shop for addressing all the concerns of FA’s.
  • Identify the Click-2-Dial functionality and integrate it with the newly designed application allowing user to completely bypass the voice recognition system and enable routing to connect directly with the desired desk.


Business is getting a return on Investment of ~350K per annum and this number will go higher as more and more Advisory team members will use the new platform

Ease of access to daily service inquiries (an increase of 20%) offered by the rich featured user interface.

A single platform housing 5,200+ FAQs.

Platform enables advisor teams to become self-sufficient in solving issues and their research empowers them to dispatch the client queries effectively.

Reduction of average talk time by almost 13% offered. Improvements in call routing and information pass have reduced the average hold time (AHT) approximately by 40 seconds.