Adapt to Change and Discover New Payment Possibilities

Today’s consumers and businesses expect real-time, easy, secure, low-cost payment facilities, anywhere, anytime.

This, combined with escalating costs and stringent regulations, requires banks and networks to adapt and FinTechs to strengthen and scale. This means modernizing infrastructure, digitizing products, and developing alliances and integrations at speed, while keeping fraud and risk at bay.

Your success rests on realizing operational efficiencies, innovating next-gen payments, and accessing new markets to secure competitive advantage.

Our Approach to Payments Transformation

Infosys is partnering with institutions to drive transformation across the payments spectrum to innovate and deliver new payments possibilities.

Modernizing The Foundation

Modernizing The Foundation

  • Enabling seamless user experiences
  • Supporting real-time payments
  • Creating interoperable ecosystems
  • Modernizing the infrastructure
Monetizing The Infrastructure

Monetizing The Infrastructure

  • Innovating at speed to underpin new payments-as-a-service paradigms.
  • Monetizing payments data
  • Evolving new marketplaces
Driving Next-gen Payments

Driving Next-gen Payments

  • Hybrid stacks for real-time payments at PoS
  • Secure, fast, cross-border payments via immutable distributed ledgers
  • Future-ready crypto currency
  • Metaverse and web 3.0 payments solution

Realizing Tomorrow’s Payments Vision Through Reimaging Experiences

Infosys is delivering new payment possibilities across four key themes, to deliver assured transformation, accelerated innovation, optimized customer experiences and future resilience.


Innovations and payments platform modernization for future-ready resilience

  • Open banking APIs
  • Agile and modular processing platforms
  • Real-time payments
  • Blockchain for cross-border payments

Digital-first payments platform to optimize customer experiences

  • E-wallets/ QR codes
  • Open banking API
  • Wearable/ digital payments

Advanced analytics to advance innovation at scale and speed

  • Al and ML expertise
  • Payment’s data monetization
  • NLP chatbots
  • Next best offer

Payment’s security and fraud prevention to deliver transformation with assurance

  • Compliance expertise
  • Biometric authentication
  • Encrypt data at rest
  • Payment gateway integration

The Infosys Advantage

Infosys is a trusted global partner and a proven innovator, advising on and implementing operational change, core modernization and digital innovation.

Through our strategic and holistic approach to transformation, we engage and unite business, technology, product and customer experience leaders to close the gaps between product strategy and technology execution, accelerating speed to market and time to value.

    Our 6,000 practitioner and 500+ domain experts are experienced in transformatin global clinents across the value chin and handing complex and dirverse platforms.
    We offer unique co-investing and risk-sharing models with outcomes-based deal structurning and a focus on zero-cost transformation. These ensure that our partnership fules innovation while reducing cost and risk.
    Our deep and wide technologyand domain expertise supports and agile engineering 'test-to-learn' approach to product delivery which speeds time-to-value.
    We put our clients at the center of adiverse ecosystem that binds the best thinking, technologies,people and processes to advance innovation at scale and pace.
    Our product-specific Centes of Excellence and Training Academies power new payments possibilities across a wide range of new services and product extensions.

Delivering new payment possibilities for the most influential payment players

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Capitalizing on Emerging Opportunities

With Infosys’s proprietary digital accelerators and solutions, you can capitalize on emerging opportunities in the payments industry, expediting time to value and seizing your early advantage.

Partner with us to Deliver New Payments Possibilities

With our in-depth knowledge and experience of the rapidly evolving payments industry, we are helping businesses to capitalize on opportunities today. As a seasoned core platform, infrastructure and payments modernizer, monetizer and innovator, we are uniquely placed to partner with you to deliver new payment possibilities that balance risk and reward. Together we can pioneer the payments of tomorrow.