The Mortgage industry is undergoing rapid and seismic changes. On one hand, there is increasing expectation from consumers for a much-enhanced loan purchase experience. The other reality is the need to revamp legacy processes to make them cheaper, nimble, and scalable; whilst at the same time, ensuring regulatory compliance to facing righter regulatory environment. This applies to the entire loan servicing cycle from origination to the loan servicing lifecycle. Digitization of the Mortgage value-chain has become a vital necessity for survival. Automation should be at the top of every mortgage business leader’s mind as a potential solution to the operational, regulatory, and financial challenges that they face. Plus it is a great way to differentiate their products and from competitors.

Infosys Mortgage Solutions consists of process-specific industry solutions which leverages AI based guided automation to deliver transformatory benefits to the origination and servicing lifecycle. The solutions focus on processes which are document-intensive and high-effort. The solutions comprise of state-of-the-art technologies in the areas of Computer vision, NLP, Machine learning (including Correlation, Predictive Analytics, Classification), workflow systems etc. These solutions have been implemented for clients integrating with disparate systems thereby enabling seamless flow.

Leveraging transformational technology, the solutions have delivered AHT and cost savings as well as enabling scaling up of the business.

Retail Origination

Retail Origination

Enabling a high degree of automation for key Origination phases across Loan Processor – Underwriting – Closing – QC and Post Closing stages. Geared towards getting the process first-time-right, lower effort and shorter time to market.

Correspondent Loans

Correspondent Loans

Automation covering Loan Onboarding – Setup – Underwriting (non-delegated loans) – Purchase Review – Funding etc. leading to significant value to the process

Loan Servicing

Loan Servicing

High impact automation for different stages during the Servicing lifecycle – Loan On-Boarding, Prior Service Payment History, Due Diligence for Underwriters and finally Predictive Customer Servicing which enables use of predictive and sentiment analytics towards identifying dissatisfied borrowers (e.g. disputes).

Ensuring seamless flow across disparate mortgage systems using suitable adapters coupled with a high impact UI and activity specific UI Controls whilst leveraging an ensemble of domain and technology features


Challenges & Solutions

Loan Origination (& Corresponding Lending) Automation solutions for a friction-less Mortgage Origination experience targeting high Underwriter productivity and shorter loan cycle closure

Loan On-Boarding automation for higher throughput and lower costs

Digital suite for Industry products integrating the LOS and other products on APIs combined with an interactive UI and supported on hyperscaler.

Predictive Customer Servicing for early warning on Borrower disputes and default scenarios + Letter Auditing Automation