Retirement service providers face unprecedented challenges, including an increasingly competitive landscape and tremendous pressure to lower costs and enhance services for clients. Leading firms recognize the need to evolve their platforms and services with a technology partner who understands their unique challenges and potential solutions.

Infosys helps financial institutions, the world over, stay a step ahead of digital disruption by embracing rapid technology transformation. The firm serves half of the top 20 retirement service firms in the U.S., enabling them to manage risk, improve their participants’ experience, and deliver better outcomes with leverage from digital solutions.

We help our clients transform their platform and operations across the entire retirement services value chain.

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Infosys is a preferred partner for retirement service providers because of our:

  • Core innovation services
    • Re-imagined Plan Sponsor Journey
    • Platform & Operations Transformation
    • Business Strategy Development
  • Digital transformation levers
    • Design Thinking Workshops
    • Living Labs
    • Digital Studios
    • Intelligent Automation
    • Risk & Regulatory Transformation
    • Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning
  • Enterprise transformation capabilities
    • Augmenting User Experiences
    • Delivering Operational Insights & Analytics
    • Increasing Operational Efficiency
    • Improving System Performance
    • Transformation Evangelism

Challenges & Solutions

  • Digital-first services
  • Omni-channel integration
  • End-to-end sponsor and participant journeys
  • Evolution from simply processing transactions to proactively advising as trusted retirement coaches

  • Seamless, omni-channel service across a breadth of products (such as annuities) and experiences (such as rollovers).
  • AI / ML driven ‘nudges’ to enable achievement of targeted and personalized goals
  • Data at scale, combined with sophisticated analytics, facilitate anticipation of needs, personalization of marketing, and delivery improved business and participant outcomes

  • Reimagination of business processes
  • Standardization of data systems
  • Digitization of experiences
  • Shifting demand for in-person service from simple transactions to complex or value-added interactions