Being Resilient Conversations: Accelerating the development of digital experience services for customers

Mohit Joshi, President, Infosys engages in an insightful, intricate and nuanced discussion with Hugh Chater, Group Mortgage Director, Virgin Money on how the current pandemic is impacting Virgin Money and other mortgage institutions at large. Hugh Chater explains how Virgin Money is accelerating the development of digital experience for their customers due the to the current situation as part of the group whose key focus has always been to deliver memorable customer experiences. Mentioning about the current situation in the mortgage industry they caution that while there would be recovery in certain sectors of the housing market, a few sectors will continue to be constrained or depressed for quite some time. They also deliberate on how the mortgage industry, pre-pandemic, was starting to see a wave of change in terms of digital adoption and the pandemic is only going to accelerate and intensify that force of change. Watch the video to learn more about this intriguing conversation.