Banking on Continuous Improvement

This report highlights the approaches that IT leaders are taking to sustain transformation and future-proof their banks while addressing cost pressures. There is a focus on how financial institutions are optimizing their digital investments to drive greater efficiencies and deliver savings that they can reinvest in new products and services.

Banks with optimized and simplified ecosystems have a significant cost advantage and an ability to move faster – to seize competitive advantage and drive a greater experience for their employees and customers. This goes beyond the products and services they’re able to offer across the customer journey; increasingly, it is about providing wider support and information to enable individuals to make smart decisions which enhance their financial wellbeing.

Some interesting variances were uncovered between banks in North America, APAC, and Europe when it comes to their success to date in driving down costs, as well as their approaches and priorities for cost reduction and efficiency optimization going forward.

With the disruption growing in the industry however, banks across the world can no longer risk a piecemeal approach to optimization, with disconnected and siloed projects that have limited ROI.

Read this report to understand how teams are moving forward with strategic optimization and transformation – leveraging emerging technologies to deliver the products, services and customer experiences that strongly differentiate their bank.

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