Economic Inequality in Homeownership and Housing Finance - Henry Santos in conversation with David Aach

Economic Inequality in Homeownership and Housing Finance

Our latest Fireside Chat between Henry Santos, Mortgage CIO and Global Director of Real Estate Finance Solutions, Infosys, and David Aach, COO, Blue Sage Solutions, discusses the challenges faced today that changed the mortgage industry.

This discussion focuses on how the increase in regulation and compliance has led to a need where lenders need to overcome manual processing to meet demand. David explains how automatic document recognition and data extraction helps in accelerating the process of document verification. He goes on to explain how Blue Sage Solutions is helping their lenders replace their traditional Loan Origination System (LOS); where the Blue Sage Solutions LOS can be an orchestration engine that allows lenders to use automated workflows and leverage event-based technology to overcome manual intervention and become more efficient.

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