Learnability of the Workforce is Key to Future Success of Banks and Financial Service Organisations

In 2020, Covid-19 forced the world into remote working models, a move that has been surprisingly successful for many organizations. Even banks and financial institutions, despite juggling various concerns around having employees work from home, are accelerating digital transformation journeys.

Nearly two years later, organizations are split in their attitudes on the ‘back-to-office’ exodus. Some are adopting long-term remote working models while others want to return to the pre-pandemic status-quo. But change is imminent. Employees are questioning career choices, experimenting with options, and re-evaluating the need to return to offices. A recent Infosys survey has highlighted the disparity between leaders and employees in how they rank critical workplace skills.

Amit Vasudeva, Regional Head of Sales, Financial Services, Infosys, dives into the philosophy behind this shift in this interview with Ade McCormack, a thought leader, consultant, and author. Ade is also a speaker at the upcoming Infosys panel discussion on “How European Banks and FIs can Re-imagine Digital”.