State of Hyperpersonalisation in Banking and Insights on Acceleration

Banking is changing at rapid pace. Customers are demanding digital experiences intuitively tailored to their individual needs and preferences – and a rapid and secure transition across digital and physical channels, when where and how they choose. In this shifting landscape, there is wide acceptance that hyperpersonalisation represents the future of customer engagement and experience within banking and is the next major battleground for customer acquisition and retention.

Hyperpersonalisation integrates customer data from both digital and physical interactions. The offers, support and communications delivered are both timely and hyper relevant to the precise context of the individual customer’s life – and to what they want to achieve. Hyperpersonalisation moves customer experience from responding to the past, through to predicting and recommending for the present and future of each customer.

This whitepaper explores the shift to hyperpersonalisation that is already underway in banks across Australia,New Zealand and Singapore to understand the state of hyperpersonalisation, critical success factors to accelerate efforts and more. Insights are based on comprehensive research amongst a range of relevant stakeholders within banks in these countries.

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