What are Australian Banks Doing on Tech and Talent: Infosys

In this byline published in Banking Day, Andrew Groth, Executive Vice President, Regional Head Financial Services AsiaPac, Infosys, shares key insights from the first Infosys Bank Tech Index about how banking executives in Australia and New Zealand align and differ from global peers – across strategic issues such as: technology strategy and talent. Groth explains that the survey data on strategic priority, shows Australian bankers differ from their peers across the rest of the world – with impact to the industry. Interestingly this deviation was repeated with regards to a focus on complying with regulations – given increasingly complex environments this is noteworthy.

While industry headwinds force banks to focus on reducing costs, the Index reveals the opposite to be true for technology investments. Groth shares that Australian banks lead the world in areas such as digital banking – and from his discussions with senior leaders at the Infosys APAC Annual Conference in January 2024, this commitment to service excellence continues to drive strategic investment in technology.

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