The Infosys High Tech practice helps designers, manufacturers, distributors, and resellers of electronic components, embedded products and computing technology solutions attract and retain customers via omni-channel commerce. We create digital media properties to engage buyers and accelerate the path to purchase.

Content-driven commerce helps cultivate buyers and influencers to grow the business. We build microsites to promote marquee brands, monetize strategic accounts, and manage sales campaigns. We integrate social media widgets to initiate social conversations and facilitate content sharing. Compliance with data standards and formats for data transmissions and Internet protocols for file transfer ensure a seamless user experience across mobile and web channels.

Our content repositories simplify search for design specifications, product catalogues, silicon wafer maps, and procedures for asset retirement. We optimize the architecture to provide users with a consistent experience. Intuitive navigation enables design and product engineers to download content reference architectures, order samples, or interact with your specialists.

We integrate cloud-hosted omni-channel platforms with ERP and supply chain management systems to drive dynamic pricing and fulfillment. Our robust payment gateways facilitate secure e-Commerce. Compliance with regulations for data privacy and security mitigates intellectual property, licensing and financial risks. Significantly, our big data analytical solutions offer insights to enhance omni-channel strategies.


Challenges & Solutions

Machine learning algorithms accurately predict leads that are likely to convert into customers, which enables sales teams to accelerate the process.

Data science-driven recommendation engines harness contextual insights from visitor interactions to propose electronic components based on capabilities, characteristics, properties, application, etc.

Role-based sales and pricing modules help customize customer, product and industry segment-specific business strategy across marketing channels.