The Infosys High Tech practice offers value engineering services to ensure sustainability of electronic products as well as fabless / manufacturing enterprises. Our proprietary value engineering framework helps semiconductor Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and designers analyze products / features vis-à-vis cost drivers to increase idea-to-product conversion rate, reduce energy consumption, reuse materials, improve waste management, and minimize radiated as well as conducted emissions.

Infosys applies data analytics, automation, simulation, and machine learning to minimize iterations in chip design, accelerate prototype development, and improve the accuracy of failure analysis. Our analytical solutions consume near real-time enterprise, process, machine, and product data to present multi-dimensional correlations. The insights help streamline pre-silicon as well as post-silicon activities and business processes to boost productivity and rationalize costs.

We undertake product benchmarking to enhance value. Our product cost analysis tools classify costs, which enables targeted strategies such as process re-engineering, material substitution or de-featuring. Our learning modules and knowledge management tools train stakeholders on the use of technology to enhance quality, interoperability and reusability of components.

Infosys value engineering techniques, automation frameworks, and reference models are refined through engagements with Fortune 500 enterprises and OEMs. We combine customer-centric product strategies with a collaborative approach to execution. It helps harmonize processes, identify bottlenecks, and eliminate non-value adding tasks to deliver world-class products.


Challenges & Solutions

Infosys Value Realization Method™ (VRM™) enables metrics-based value audit, which supports informed decision-making.

Rich experience in leveraging open source embedded operating systems, platforms and tools to enhance ‘connected’ products.

Tools for value stream mapping and analysis accelerate processes by eliminating redundancy and boosting efficiency.