Infosys and AWS have partnered to accelerate digital transformation in the manufacturing industry. We have co-developed several solutions, including Connected Operations on Cloud – an Industrial IoT platform, Equinox - a headless B2B and B2B2C e-Commerce platform, and an Industry 4.0 assessment framework. In addition, Infosys is an AWS launch partner for two flagship initiatives: AWS Industrial Data Fabric and Amazon Bedrock.

As a launch partner for AWS Industrial Data Fabric, Infosys is collaborating with AWS to develop a comprehensive data management and analytics solution that helps industrial manufacturers harvest data effectively, gain actionable insights, and make informed decisions. As a launch partner for Amazon Bedrock, Infosys builds industrial applications for generative AI-powered transformation journeys. Infosys and AWS are jointly building a GenAI-based solution to boost performance at manufacturing, automotive, heavy equipment, and aerospace enterprises. The solution uses Amazon Bedrock and Amazon Titan as foundational models for efficient text generation and summarization.

Enabling Industrial Manufacturers Harness Cloud Technologies


The Infosys + AWS advantage

Infosys Cobalt, our comprehensive set of services, solutions, and platforms, complements the AWS suite of cloud services. Our solutions encompass the value chain and empower industrial manufacturers to adapt to a dynamic business environment. Further, it enables enterprises to harness cloud technologies and enhance business resilience, identify new revenue streams, streamline processes, and achieve operational excellence. Significantly, Infosys expertise in AWS industrial services transforms manufacturing operations through:

  • Robust foundation for smart manufacturing: Our solutions leverage AWS IoT SiteWise, AWS IoT Core, Amazon Lookout for Vision, Amazon Lookout for Equipment, and Amazon Monitron to drive high-performance design, verification, and manufacturing.
  • Smart data utilization: We combine AWS Industrial Data Fabric with IP assets such as Infosys Connected Operations on Cloud and Infosys Topaz to provide manufacturers with the ability to extract, organize and store data from diverse sources, and adopt advanced AI applications for data-driven innovation.

Infosys Solutions for Manufacturing

  • Manufacturing Cloud
  • Industrial IoT
  • Supply chain
    • Infosys Supply Chain Distributed Application
  • B2B and B2B2C commerce
    • Infosys Equinox, a digital commerce platform for human-centric, omnichannel marketing
  • Employee welfare and engagement
    • Wingspan, a digital platform for personalized learning
    • Meridian, a workplace platform to launch new products in phydigital settings

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Challenges & Solutions

Infosys charts a roadmap for Industry 4.0-based additive manufacturing, servitization, condition-based maintenance, and real-time production planning.

Infosys unifies data sources, which supports causal analysis and predictive analytics to boost capacity utilization and mitigate risks.

Our holistic learning tools create a digital workforce by facilitating knowledge sharing and reskilling.