While connectivity is not a new concept within the industrial operations ecosystem, enterprises were laggards in cloud adoption because of the nature of their business – which requires time-critical and reliable human, machine and system interfaces. Therefore, at Infosys, we reimagine a production environment having; connected processes on the cloud with higher levels of automation, optimal utilization of its assets and resources while predicting the impact on operations, and responding to changes in real-time.

Infosys Connected Operations on Cloud is a suite of pre-configured and ready-to-deploy modular applications that act as the connective layer between machines, processes, systems, and people – to achieve operational excellence. Built by harnessing the best-of-breed AWS IoT services, these micro applications are provided in an 'As-A-Service' consumption model.

This solution facilitates seamless integration of Engineering Technology (ET), Operational Technology (OT), and Informational Technology (IT) to enable process harmonization across industrial operations in an enterprise, regardless of the technology stack's heterogeneity. Built on the Infosys Live Enterprise framework principles, the solution transforms an organization's processes into becoming sentient, scalable, predictive and transparent with real-time and self-healing insights.

Solution Benefits

Faster Time to Market

Optimal Resource Utilization

Better Quality Assurance

Agile & Flexible Operations

Growth & Co-innovation

Operational Features of Infosys Connected Operations On Cloud with AWS


Machine Integration

Machine status monitoring information

Process KPI Monitoring

KPI monitoring with Drill down dashboards

Asset Condition Monitoring

Real time insight into machine condition

Energy Monitoring

Machine energy consumption data

Quality Analytics

Persona specific real-time insight into defects


Digital Production Execution

Production operations & root cause

Asset Discovery

Template based asset identification & data setup

Material and tools tracking

RTLS based tracking of tools and assets at shop floor

Operator Effectiveness

Work instruction & guided ops , remote assist and worker safety

Digital Traveler

Real time traveler| quality information


Predictive Maintenance

Machine/asset drill down on reasons with root cause & resolution

Fault Tree Analysis

Failure modes, alarms and impact of alarms on asset

Defects Forecasting

Forecasting of defects

Energy Forecast

Dynamic production planning & optimization


Digital Twinr

Machine/process digital twin for simulation and remote monitoring

Process Optimization

Closed loop process control

Dynamic Scheduling

Dynamic production planning & optimization

The Infosys Connected Operations on Cloud solution, tightly integrated with AWS Industrial Data Fabric (IDF), is designed to help customers define and understand the value of transforming manufacturing and industrial operations by applying a proven data driven approach to achieving business outcomes.

Powered by AWS Solutions & Services

Amazon Lookout for Equipment
Amazon Keyspaces for Apache Cassandra
Amazon QuickSight
Amazon CloudWatch
AWS IoT SiteWise
Amazon SageMaker
Amazon Lookout for Vision
AWS CloudFormation
AWS IoT Core
Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3)
AWS Amplify
Amazon Cognito
AWS IoT Greengrass
Amazon Kinesis
AWS Budgets

Connected Operations on Cloud solution is built utilizing our CRAFTS framework


Amidst an increasing convergence of digital and physical realms through Industry 4.0 adoption, connected operations have become one of the most crucial differentiators for such enterprises.

Our Connected Operations on Cloud solution, built utilizing our CRAFTS framework as the guiding principle, addresses this need:

  • Cloudification: reduce infrastructure, service, and maintenance costs
  • Rapid: accelerated deployment cycle of 10 -16 weeks from 10-12 months.
  • Affordable: lower the entry barrier by providing Opex and subscription models.
  • Flexible: modular applications to adopt the highest value solutions first
  • Turnkey: bring in an entire ecosystem of partners, trained talents and innovation via labs
  • Sentient: Sense, analyze and respond in an agile manner to demanding situations

Challenges & Solutions

Data available at different levels of OT, IT, and ET applications have diverse data types, are complex, in silos and not contextualized, and provide limited visibility into operations.

Infosys Connected Operations on Cloud bridges this gap by connecting siloed applications across different layers of the ISA95 or ISA88 stack and creating a Cognitive First Data Engineering framework. The solution converts data into information through data abstraction from multiple sources, contextualization and harmonization into different data models, overlaying asset and process hierarchy.

Failure to meet schedules, address changing customer priorities, and lack of flexibility in managing production changes have heavily impacted organizations during the pandemic.

Infosys Connected Operations on Cloud uses AI and ML features to proactively predict the possible impact on operations, like time to failure for critical assets, in-line potential quality failures and energy consumption based on machine performance and external factors.

Often digital transformations falter during industrialization or deployment at scale. To define and implement the digital end state across the organization, we adopt a 3-phase approach: standardize, templatize and industrialize.

Infosys Connected Operations on Cloud enables organizations to build standards around machine connectivity, data acquisition pipeline, user experiences and processes, enabling standardization and templatization.