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Content Monetization for Journals

Your journal can establish itself as a repository of knowledge in a niche area through better sharing and accessibility of articles.

The Infosys Information Services and Publishing practice helps commercial publishers as well as not-for-profit academic trusts transition from user / author payment-based business models to contemporary distribution methods for wider access and a superior audience experience. We implement diverse open publication options: full Open Access (OA) and hybrid OA (‘Gold’), delayed free access, and OA via self-archiving (‘Green’).

Infosys partners with social media teams of publishing enterprises to engage with influencers within the academic community. In addition, we enhance your publishing infrastructure with text mining and big data analytics tools. We have rich experience in implementing business systems that support the entire print and digital business.

Infosys content monetization services For Journals

The Infosys advantage

  • Rich experience in implementing mechanisms to control access at the journal and article level
  • Deployed archiving solutions for easy navigation and content discovery across all sections of a journal, product segments, databases, and images in domain-specific repositories
  • Developed content structure and tagging methods to support reuse, atomization and promotion of related content
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