The Infosys Information Services and Publishing practice streamlines the book production process – from manuscript acquisition, evaluation, copyediting, typesetting, page layout, indexing, and cover design to release. We help publishers of print books as well as e-books accelerate production. Our automation tools convert source files with text, maps, pictures, and illustrations into standardized file formats for peer review.

We incorporate content taxonomies, ontologies, semantic search, and natural language processing to optimize the editorial and production workflow. It enhances quality, minimizes costs, and ensures timely publication of titles. Our repository of tools and accelerators boosts the performance of your publishing team.

Our content platforms facilitate collaboration between authors, editorial teams and readers.

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Infosys content creation and management services


Challenges & Solutions

Expertise in print as well as digital content management systems that track progress across the production and fulfillment process.

Experience in developing reader-oriented content platforms. Deep knowledge of design elements to deliver a superior book reading experience.