Thothathri Viswanathan

Thothathri was appointed Development Centre Head of Infosys Mahindra City in July 2005. He has been with Infosys since 2000. He is also a Divisional manager with the Retail IBU of Infosys and is in charge of Delivery for all clients for that IBU made from the Chennai.

Thothathri has participated in many large pursuits. He was a member of the pursuit team which won two large pursuits and was the lead in transitioning the largest transition for Infosys which was completed successfully on time. He was the Global Delivery Head for one of the largest accounts of Infosys.

Prior to joining Infosys, Thothathri was working as a Senior consultant for CSAI Inc., USA.

Thothathri holds a Master Certificate in Computer applications, with an engineering degree as the base. He is also a Certified Oracle Database Administrator.

(Profile as on August 27, 2008)