Customer behavior has altered forever and digital transformation continues to be a hot topic. The pressure on margins has increased. Supply chains are at a breaking point and traditionally structured value chains have given way to fluid value networks – where everyone from retailers and logistics companies to platform providers wants the customer’s attention.

The solution lies in leveraging data and creating seamless customer experiences. As the number of touchpoints increase across the shopping journey, the amount of data generated does as well. At the same time, retailers must not lose sight of the importance of adopting a human-centric approach to provide a memorable experience, it is perhaps the most critical differentiator. The tech-savvy consumer is loving these shifts and demanding more. As a result, digital technologies have had an overall and defining impact on the retail industry – from the consumer journey to the retail employee experience and backend operations.

At Infosys, we know how to amplify the human experience by exploiting artificial intelligence (AI), innovation, automation, and digital technologies to power immersive experiences. By doing this, we magnify the human ability to do more.

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