Date & Time January 25, 2023 | 10:00 AM EST

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Event overview

In this fast-changing world, organizations are being driven to shorten transformation cycles as well as ramp up the pace of change. As a result, implementing change intelligence best practices and tools is becoming the key to building change agility and de-risking delivery. Agile and DevOps adoption supported by Panaya ForeSight takes an end-to-end view of the value chain guided by lean principles. The advanced technology of Panaya ForeSight provides an interactive graphic visualization of the dependencies on advanced test management solutions in Salesforce org.

Salesforce DevOps and CI/CD tools provides automated process for change delivery. It allows admins and developers to work with a single set of configurations and improves team collaboration and compatibility across all functions – admins, developers, release managers, QA, and business stakeholders. Join our upcoming webinar, “Making Salesforce DevOps Smarter” and learn how to optimize your DevOps process by utilizing actionable insights to the CI/CD pipeline. Tune in to understand how Infosys and Panaya have been jointly de-risking Salesforce implementations and the best practices that have been leveraged along the way.

Key Takeaways:

  • Plan your developments based on comprehensive and accurate data
  • Deploy the right changes for the current architecture
  • Scope and build your test plan based on actual changes impact
  • Find the root cause of errors and issues and fix it quickly
  • Learn about the best stories where Infosys and Panaya have jointly de-risked Salesforce implementations


Anjali Yadav

Anjali Yadav, Associate Vice President, Unit Client Solution Head for the Enterprise Cloud Applications Services (Salesforce) Unit at Infosys

Oz Lavee

Oz Lavee, Panaya ForeSight CTO

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