Infosys Positioned as a Leader in the ISG Provider Lens™ Mainframes - Services and Solutions U.S. 2023 Report

Infosys has been rated as a Leader in the Provider Lens™ Mainframes - Services and Solutions U.S. 2023 report. For the study, ISG evaluated 56 vendors and service providers across five quadrants - Mainframe Modernization Services; Mainframe Application Modernization and Transformation Services; Mainframe as a Service (MFaaS); Mainframe Operations; and Mainframe Application Modernization Software.

The report positions Infosys as a Leader in Mainframe Modernization Services, Mainframe Application Modernization & Transformation Services and Mainframe Operations. ISG mentions that Infosys has a structured approach (A.R.T. Framework), value management methodology (Zero Disruption Modernization Framework) and focused end-to-end automation (Infosys Live Enterprise Application Modernization Platform) to deliver mainframe modernization and transformation programs.

The report also discusses how Infosys handles extensive mainframe modernizations with well-balanced onshore and offshore expertise.

Key highlights from the report:
  • Methodology and Expertise:
    • The Accelerate-Renew-Transform (A.R.T.) framework enables Infosys to help clients reduce their TCO and enhance customer experience.
    • Infosys has extensive delivery expertise with over 30 years of mainframe services and 10 years of mainframe modernization experience.
  • Solution Accelerators:
    • The Infosys Live Enterprise Application Development Platform automates the migration, minimizing risk and using the best-fit solution for rehosting, refactoring and re-engineering. The Infosys project control method (Zero Disruption Modernization Approach) tracks six layers for achieving zero-disruption modernization.
    • Infosys uses the Infosys Live Enterprise Application Management Platform to streamline operations and site reliability engineering (SRE) techniques to drive improvements and provide clients with dashboards loaded with rich insights.
    • Infosys creates an environment for the coexistence of new and legacy codes and uses LegMap, a proprietary testing solution, to automate business rule extraction and compare source and target outcomes.
  • Skill Availability and Partnership Ecosystem:
    • Infosys has one of the largest pools of mainframe experts and a good balance of onshore and offshore capacity to commit and supply mainframe skills for the long term.
    • Top level partnerships that share best practices in co-developing solutions, accelerators, toolsets, and platforms.

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