Resolution Life Australasia Navigates its Digital Transformation Journey with Infosys

Resolution Life Australasia is a leading in-force life insurer whose growth is through the strategic acquisition and management of portfolios of life insurance policies. Owned by Resolution Life, a global life insurance group, Resolution Life Australasia serves over 1.1 million policyholders across Australia and New Zealand.

In the video, Peter Histon, Chief Information Officer, Resolution Life Australasia, talks about the company’s robust, cost effective and scalable technology foundation and how being “100% on the cloud” was a key pillar of their digital strategy. This would enable them to scale up and down as needed to enhance policyholder experience and improve responsiveness to market dynamics and reduce underlying costs.

Resolution Life Australasia partnered with Infosys to virtualize its mainframe systems to the cloud. The major challenges in the program included virtualization of decades-old mainframe applications in addition to a complex migration involving 25 million lines of code and over 10,000 batch jobs.

Infosys enabled seamless migration of Resolution Life Australasia’s mainframe to the cloud. With the added advantage of API enablement of their core policy administration systems, the program resulted in enhancing the overall customer experience.

Watch the video to learn more about Resolution Life Australasia’s digital transformation story and their partnership with Infosys.