A Dutch multinational bank wanted to modernize their legacy systems to achieve cost savings. Their internalization strategy required the migration of applications from their datacenter in Switzerland to the Netherlands.

The client’s commodity trading finance platform was hosted on iSeries. Their technology stack comprised CL, RPG, REXX, and DB400 databases along with COBOL/400 and CICS — the two main technologies running 70% of applications. These technologies were incurring high application maintenance costs, driving the need for the modernization program.

Key Challenges

  • The bank was paying steep fees to a third-party vendor to maintain the legacy applications hosted at the Swiss datacenter
  • The legacy technology stack residing in iSeries could lead to operational risks in the near future due to lack of skills availability

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The Solution

Modernizing legacy to private cloud with Micro Focus Enterprise Suite

Infosys modernized the client’s commodity trading platform that ran on iSeries. Applications were shifted to Micro Focus Enterprise Server on a private cloud in the Netherlands. All the outdated components were re-engineered to eliminate technical debt. The database was migrated from DB400 to SQL Server. Our solution enabled the client to decommission the iSeries systems in the Swiss datacenter and terminate the third-party contract for maintaining the applications. This generated significant cost savings for the bank.



70% reduction in operating cost

Saved €5 million per year by decommissioning the Swiss datacenter and terminating the contract

85% reduction in batch execution time

Shifted the commodity trading platform applications to the Netherlands where the infrastructure is handled internally

Elimination of business operational risk

The modernized platform acts as a foundation for digitalization through rich interfaces of front-end screens, thereby enhancing the end user experience

Platform to enable web services for mobile applications in future

The modernized platform ensures compatibility when expanding the business to new geographies

Application scalability is now limitless with virtual hosting

The modernized Windows environment gives developers more flexibility to enhance applications

How Infosys helped the client to reduce operational expenses?

  • Accelerators were built for modernization of database DB400 to SQL Server
  • CLP, RPG, and other iSeries commands were re-engineered to COBOL and PowerShell scripts
  • Batch jobs of CLP and REXX were re-engineered to JCL and PowerShell scripts
  • Infosys implemented a print and output management solution using LRS software
  • Our tool validates the batch component output, thereby ensuring a successful modernization program