Key Challenges

A US-based broadband and telecommunications company – the largest wireless communication service provider in the US – was struggling with long order completion processes and slow time-to-market for their products and services. They wanted a solution that reconciled multiple technologies and legacy applications, while reducing their operational expenditure (OPEX), average handling time, and flow through (FT) rate.

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A single and simplified web-based platform which improved IT and business key performance indicators (KPIs)

Web-based platform reduced OPEX by 20-30%.

Client achieved annual savings of US $13 million

Accelerated solution delivery from 16 to 12 months, enabling a cost-effective, faster

Test-driven development to accelerate delivery with strategies for quicker rollout and early retirement

Intuitive user interface (UI) design and click-through development were leveraged for user acceptance

A dedicated team and a customized set of tools helped improve FT

Single, simplified web-based platform reconciling 23 applications into one for the client

Reconciled 62 screens into 10 screens with a 96.5% FT rate