Key Challenges

A US-based long-term insurance care provider, handling over 280,000 long-term care programs and 2.4 million dental and vision enrolments annually, was struggling with a legacy administration system for their insurance programs that lacked integration, security and multi-processing mechanisms. The existing system had limited documentation for updates and maintenance, could not support the growing volume of transactions and needed manual operations.

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A scalable, robust and secure solution to support higher transaction volume and reduced TCO.

Scalable, robust and secure solution supports higher transaction volume having reduced TCO and maintenance effort by up to 25%

Significant improvement in system usability through a user-friendly interface and features; employee productivity increased by 20%

The solution could also adapt to and administer other programs to support business growth

A scalable, secure and highly usable solution

Replaced legacy system with a web-based solution, built using J2EE AND .NET to enable SOA, web services, etc.

The Modernize tool was used to analyze PB applications, capture existing business rules and functionalities

Minimized disruption with the Infosys program management framework

The solution addressed all issues of usability, scalability, maintainability, security, and operations