Key Challenges

A leading US-based diversified healthcare insurance company with multiple acquisitions and mergers for their different product lines was unable to derive value from their product modernization initiative, owing to a fragmented IT landscape distributed over several locations and comprising of legacy applications that consumed monolithic code based on M/F technology with DB2/IDMS/VSAM backend systems.

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Consistent quality and standardized code from automated code generation

Improved time-to-market (deployment) by 50% through automation of both parser and testing comparison

Enabled 70% overall automation, specifically in code generation (business rules) and output text (static text) from GML paragraphs using a custom GML parser

75% reduction in manual testing effort using the freeware PDF comparison tool DiffPDF and a custom developed PDF document comparison tool

Enabled 70% overall automation, specifically in code generation and output text

Developed an SOA-based solution to extend the mainframe system

Enabled data restructuring and data migration (VSAM and IDMS to DB2), and batch window reduction

Designed a modernization initiative involving COBOL code analysis, modularization and business rule externalization