Achieving Social Sustainability through Workforce Modernization

Talent retention is critical in today’s market. According to Infosys’ 2023 Future of Work Report, organizations that had improved employee retention over the previous two years were almost 20 percent more likely to have increased revenue and profit than the organizations that couldn’t hold on to their workers. Through workforce modernization, organizations can transform the way that they operate through technologies that optimize the employee experience and increase collaboration and productivity. In a recently published article on Spiceworks, Naresh Duddu, Associate Vice President, and Global Head of Modernization, Infosys, sheds light on how workforce modernization plays a key role in achieving social sustainability.

Workplace modernization helps in fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion asserting that technological advancements can be leveraged to create a more inclusive workplace. The article further emphasizes that organizations need a holistic approach to achieve social sustainability, encompassing factors such as training, upskilling, employee engagement, etc.

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