Infosys and MongoDB collaborate again to migrate business-critical applications to next-generation technology


We - Infosys and MongoDB - have collaborated once again to launch the new ‘Mainframe Offload’ offering. Through this offering, we help businesses to migrate business-critical applications from mainframes to next-generation technology, thereby accelerating digital transformation continuously. It will enable enterprises to migrate data for new, flexible applications off legacy systems.

MongoDB offers the best of traditional databases as well as the flexibility, scale and performance required to support today’s modern applications, allowing innovators to develop and deploy highly complex applications on MongoDB. Beyond performance benefits, migration to MongoDB enables enterprises to lower their total cost of ownership enormously.

That’s why, we are using our expertise in mainframe modernization to migrate data onto MongoDB and future-proof businesses against a constantly evolving technology landscape.


“Infosys is focused on helping our clients improve their performance while reducing costs through ‘Mainframe offloading’ which is one of the key modernization initiatives. Our endeavor is to recreate the success we have seen in accelerating digital transformation for our clients through our earlier partnership with MongoDB, mainframe offloading will bring forth the significant benefits of flexibility, scale and performance.” - Ravi Kumar S, President & Deputy Chief Operating Officer, Infosys

“For decades, mainframes have been used to store business-critical data. However, they are increasingly unable to optimally handle the scale and complexity of modern applications, especially in a cost effective way. Infosys has been helping the largest enterprises in the world strategically transform their business through application modernization with MongoDB. Our joint mainframe offload solution will further enable enterprises to migrate the data for new, flexible applications off legacy systems while keeping the mainframe utilized for what it was originally designed for.” - Dev Ittycheria, President and CEO, MongoDB

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