Infosys Live Enterprise Application Development Platform

Application modernization is essential to survive and thrive in today’s competitive market. However, modern architectures can be complex, with many moving parts and underlying technologies that need to be integrated. Enterprises also struggle with the breadth and depth of specialized skills needed at every stage of the lifecycle, resulting in protracted timelines and a high cost of digital transformation projects.

The Infosys Live Enterprise Application Development Platform simplifies and accelerates the application modernization and development journey. It provides guided workflows and AI-enabled tools to abstract the complexity of underlying technology, boosting developer productivity. It unlocks information from legacy systems, simplifies decision-making and reduces dependency on niche skills, saving up to 40% effort and enabling up to 25% faster time-to-value along with improved quality and governance. Deep insights into all types of technical debt enable high code quality from day one. The platform also integrates with disparate ALM tools for data-driven insights that help improve sprint velocity, release predictability and product quality.