Infosys achieves OpenChain 2.0 conformance

Aadhaar (the largest biometric ID system in the world), the Goods and Services Tax network in India, and Linux operating system are just some examples of how open source technologies are powering mission-critical applications across the globe. Nowadays, open source is also being used in areas that have historically been associated with proprietary products and platforms. These include cloud management, security, analytics, and storage.

Infosys promotes the adoption and usage of open source across its solutions and products, with the aim to drive technological innovation. We are also observing wide adoption of open source for our G2K clients.  Therefore, to benchmark our processes with globally acceptable standards, robust licensing, and compliance procedures, Infosys has undergone the OpenChain Project 2.0 certification and achieved OpenChain conformance.

The OpenChain ProjectBuilding trust through compliance

The OpenChain Project sets requirements to define an industry standard open source compliance program. This means that organizations following OpenChain standards and specifications use code that has undergone a license compliance process. Thus, enterprises can know what open source technology has been used and be assured that compliance obligations have been met.

Infosys is OpenChain conformant

Infosys has engaged with the OpenChain Project to assess its compliance practices and identify gaps. It has also established an industry standard policy, strong partnerships between our compliance and development teams, and continuous training sessions for our developers.

These efforts culminated in Infosys becoming an OpenChain 2.0 conformant organization, effective from June 19, 2019. This means that Infosys solutions and products can transparently demonstrate conformance across all third-party open source components. It marks the first step in a broader development and deployment plan across multiple upcoming Infosys solutions, products, and platforms.

With this certification, Infosys provides the assurance of quality in reusable solutions that use open source software. It also highlights our dedication to meet global standards and compliant usage of open source software, thereby building trust among our clients and industry stakeholders.