Simplify Management of Container Workloads in Hybrid Environments

By Mandar Shete, Principal, Modernization Practice, Infosys

Today’s enterprises face rapidly shifting market conditions, changing customer behavior, and increasing cost pressures. Innovations that enable faster time to market, differentiated customer experience, and efficient development of new applications have become critical. Cloud-native applications (loosely coupled, highly scalable, and built and deployed in containers on highly automated platforms) provide the elasticity, resiliency, agility and efficiency that enterprises need, and are becoming the norm for application development. While public cloud adoption is the way forward for many enterprises, certain workloads must be run on premises for compliance, regulatory needs, and data residency or edge computing requirements. Developing and running applications on the resulting hybrid environments can lead to fragmented tools and processes that breed complexity and inefficiency.

Given this scenario, enterprises are looking for homogenous solutions that can manage both cloud and on-premises environments, while utilizing existing infrastructure investments optimally.

Amazon ECS is a fully-managed orchestration service for containers running on various compute services like Amazon EC2, AWS Local Zones, AWS Wavelength, and AWS Outposts. With the newly launched Amazon ECS Anywhere (ECS-A), the benefits of ECS can be extended to containers on any on-premises virtual machines (VMs) or physical servers running a wide range of compatible operating systems. Now enterprises can run their containerized workloads seamlessly in hybrid environments, taking advantage of container elasticity, security and reliability for their on-premises workloads with the ease of cluster management from a single pane of glass.   ECS-A requires no upfront fees or commitments and customers pay only for the instances they run.

ECS-A caters to several use cases such as containerizing and tuning workloads on-premises before migrating to cloud, creating new solutions for edge, and seamlessly bursting to cloud for on-demand capacity while retaining the required workloads on premises.

“Our clients are increasingly looking for the same experience of cloud managed services on their private infrastructure. Using Amazon ECS Anywhere, enterprises can take advantage of container elasticity, security and reliability on their on-prem environment with the ease of cluster management from a single pane of glass. AWS’s software-based approach for managing hybrid environments along with highly automated end-to-end workflows supported by Infosys Live Enterprise Application Development Platform, part of Infosys Cobalt, will help our clients accelerate their modernization journey."

- Shaji Mathew, EVP, Infosys

Infosys, as a premier global consulting and managed services partner of AWS, offers integrated consulting and technology solutions that leverage of the flexibility and economics of cloud where IT and business services are delivered on demand. Through our partnership, we ensure that our clients benefit from the right expertise and tools for migration, transformation, and management of workloads on the cloud, while building successful AWS-based businesses.

Infosys Live Enterprise Application Development Platform, part of Infosys Cobalt, is a flagship solution that simplifies and accelerates the modernization journey of an enterprise through hyper-automation across the application lifecycle. It helps in the cloud adoption journey with ECS and ECS-A, assisting in every lifecycle phase including application assessment, cluster set-up, technology upgrades, containerization, cloud-native development, and integration with various AWS services.