DevOps on mainframes requires a change in mindset as traditional mainframe developers are used to quarterly / monthly releases rather than continuous delivery.

Infosys has developed a lighthouse program in accordance with the consulting team that defines the agile, continuous integration (CI) / continuous deployment (CD) processes specific to mainframes, and has provided an enablement plan to shift from the traditional waterfall approach to new ways of working.

Accelerate DevOps Adoption.
Innovate. Automate. Transform.


Infosys DevOps accelerates the DevOps adoption in client organizations through progressive transformation across 3 key tenets - technology, process and people. It brings in technology innovation with robust automation across the IT value stream, processes transformation using lean and agile practices, and people transformation through an integrated team model.
Infosys has an established Centre of Excellence (CoE) for both Mainframe and distributed platforms. Our approach defines agile, continuous integration (CI)/ continuous deployment (CD) processes specific to mainframes to help clients

  • Increase agility and time- to- market
  • Improve quality
  • Simplify processes through automation
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Challenges & Solutions

Deliver process improvements by leveraging industry standard frameworks, own process experience and best practices

Accelerate and streamline delivery with the use of the right fit of modern tools across different stages

Enable cultural shift and overcome rigid mindset by creating awareness boot camps, regular trainings, and knowledge sharing, through collaboration tools