Transform, Renew, Run and Migrate Mainframe Apps

Infosys Mainframe Scan 1.0 is an Application Discovery, Reverse Engineering and Data Lineage tool with IDE feature to Modernize Mainframe. It accelerates application transformation of your hybrid cloud environment. Improves business alignment in deriving requirement and reduces Application development and Maintenance cost. Discovers hidden issues within the Application increasing the stability of the system.

Infosys Mainframe Scan is a unique application discovery and Analytics platform visualized with in Mainframe.

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  • Data Lineage Analysis – Visualize end to end data lineage moving across different Mainframe objects identifying application boundaries and impacted data source and storage.
  • Interface Analysis - Identifies interfaces to your application boundary and help to visualize lineage between interfaces.
  • Discovers Business Rules – Discovers business rules and APIs to support your business process.
  • Inventory/In-scope Analysis – Discovers Active and Inactive components/code in Legacy application reducing the scope of Transformation/Migration work.
  • Impact Analysis/Root Cause Analysis - Relationship and cross-reference between root to leaf node objects providing efficient and productive analysis.

IDE Feature - Modernized way of accessing Mainframe with cool IDE Features to quickly browse through mainframe objects and reports in single screen

Infosys Mainframe Modernization Platform: An integrated suite of tools that provide comprehensive analysis of mainframe inventory for modernization planning, optimization, business rule extraction, reference architecture, and automated migration to cloud.


Challenges & Solutions

Discovers business rules and visualize it to accelerate the document creation process without Application SME support.

Data Lineage Report provide End to End Data lineage visualization with summary of impacted objects.

Active/Inactive inventory report along with data lineage report identifying unused data path help to reduce the scope of application to transform or migrate.

Impact Analysis reports on different mainframe application object helps to Renew or Run the application with very limited SME support.