Infosys and TOMIA reimagine telecom settlement processes with Blockchain

TOMIA offers transformative connectivity solutions to service providers worldwide. Its innovative offering enables customers to manage a unified optimization process of both roaming and interconnect while driving the future of connectivity through new technologies and services such as VoLTE, NFV, Machine Learning and 5G.

Operators and carriers maintain a worldwide partner ecosystem to enable global connectivity. Due to an increasingly available technology stack with M-IoT, VoLTE and 5G and new offerings in the enterprise market, the size and complexity of this partner ecosystem is growing together with the number of agreements and different charging models. The industry is moving towards automation and blockchain was a solution TOMIA was looking at, to enable partner collaboration and dispute management.

Watch Dorit Bitter, Chief Technology Officer and Nick Wennekers, Senior Director, Product Management, TOMIA share their experience of working with Infosys to transform the settlement process for telecom operators using Blockchain Technology while decreasing the number of disputes between Communications Service Providers (CSPs).