Infosys Launches Blockchain-Based Vital Records Management Solution, Partnering with VMware

Infosys built a solution leveraging VMware Blockchain for Ethereum for the verification of vital records such as birth certificate, marriage certificate and other critical personal records. The records in their digital forms can be seamlessly verified and authenticated in a completely secure manner using the blockchain ledger that ensures the immutability of records and transparency in the verification process.

The Infosys solution for Vital Records Management on VMware blockchain is being offered to interested clients for 60 days at no cost. The solution will be deployed on the cloud in a multi-tenant environment.

This solution offers superior citizen experience through efficient processes and trust, improved transparency, and data security and by lowering the operational cost. It provides foolproof privacy since no personal information is stored on the blockchain.

VMware Blockchain encompasses data integrity, privacy, cryptographic authentication, and tracing of all transactions coupled with high performance, simplified deployment upgrades and enterprise-grade support. It supports future-ready architecture with compatibility across various decentralized apps such as DAML, Solidity and others.

Please write to us at to explore how our vital records solution can enable enhanced citizen experience. We have custom build solutions for various public sector blockchain use cases such as land title asset management, environmental protection, vehicle registration, vaccine/ pharma traceability, voting taxation, unemployment insurance, contact tracing, pollution tracking, carbon credits and emissions tracking and trading, records management and contract management. Reach out to us to explore a plethora of opportunities with blockchain.

Click here to read VMware press release about VMware blockchain platform and vital records management solution.