Creating experiences that delight customers is key to the success of a company and its growth. Modern day customers expect a seamless, modern, and consistent experience each time they interact with the enterprise.

Infosys helps enterprises define their Customer Experience Strategy, modernize processes, and help select and implement the best-fit CRM and CX products. We have a proven track record of delivering end-to-end digital solutions across sales, marketing, service, e-commerce, and customer data cloud systems. Infosys delivers data-driven personalized experiences by bringing together customer data, machine learning technology, and microservices to power real-time customer engagements.

Infosys CRM & CX Capabilities: Transforming Customer Experiences


Infosys has extensive CRM and customer experience capabilities extending from process modernization to identification and implementation of the right product along with support.

Infosys CRM and CX offerings are powered by our well trained and certified consultants, rich proprietary toolsets, proven de-risked methodologies, strategic alliances, and dedicated Centers of Expertise (CoE). Our extensive capabilities in CX process consulting, SaaS applications, along with our design thinking-led consulting approach and comprehensive cloud methodology, help organizations redesign and enhance customer experiences.

We partner with leading CRM and CX providers like Adobe, Microsoft, Oracle, Pega, Salesforce, and SAP. We leverage these partnerships in addition to our product, domain and industry knowledge, and IP to ensure that our clients benefit from a clear CX vision and a digital CX strategy to deliver outstanding customer experiences to their clients.


Challenges & Solutions

Organizations that rapidly evolve to the ever-changing needs of their customers are the ones who succeed. Therefore, building an organization-wide culture of listening to the sentiments of customers becomes critical. Infosys’ CX digital solutions bring together customer data, machine learning, and microservices technology to power real-time customer experiences across sales, service, marketing, commerce, and beyond. We help clients in implementing, designing, and running their experience management programs to elevate customer experiences

Infosys holds design thinking sessions to identify the right problems to solve. We modernize your processes leveraging automation, AI/ML and implementing the right SaaS CRM and CX solutions thus freeing the bandwidth of your sales, service, and marketing executives so that they can focus on more strategic activities.

Global companies having multi-country, multi-brand, and omni-channel presence is becoming the norm in every business. In order to stay ahead, building resilient systems that are lightweight, easy to maintain, and perform optimally would be a key differentiator.

Infosys’ Commerce Cloud offering is a multi-country, multi-channel solution with one catalog, index, synchronization, and centralized view, helping organizations take it to markets faster with no overheads for maintaining multiple catalogs for each country, brand, or channel. At the same time, it is easier to maintain with reduced performance risks and lower operational costs.