The underlying network infrastructure in an enterprise plays a pivotal role in accelerating cloud adoption and digital transformation initiatives. Increased business agility demands, multi-cloud adoption, intent based paradigms and the need for scalable mobile and secure connectivity have made network modernization an implicit priority thus helping enterprises to realize the potential of digitalization aided by a network that is Secure, Mobile, Agile, Robust and Transformative.

Infosys enterprise network transformation services, part of the Infosys Cobalt, offers an accelerated path to network modernization. It enables enterprises to realize a digital ready network with significant drop in legacy technical debt and associated costs. We help our customers modernize their datacenters, campus and WAN networks to support their digital journey with scalable networks that run seamlessly, efficiently, securely anytime, anywhere, and in an always-on mode.

Empowering Network Transformation: Infosys Enterprise Solutions


WAN Networks

Software Defined WAN
Network Automation and Intelligent Networks
Network as a Service

Campus Networks

Wireless Transformation WiFi6, Cloud WiFi
Software Defined LAN and SD Access
Intent Based Networking

Hybrid Cloud Networks

Software Defined Datacenter Networks
Cloud Interconnect Services
Cloud Native Network services

Infosys helps clients manage the enterprise-wide network along with a robust set of partners - SD network players such as Silverpeak, CSPs such as Verizon, VMware and AT&T and network products from CISCO and HPE.

Our Network-as-a-Service solutions complement your digital transformation journey with flexible consumption models. Infosys brings you industry-specific solutions combined with the power of persona/profile-driven networking and artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) to deliver improved end user experience. Leveraging software-defined networks with zero trust security and integrated agile operations, we help enterprises realize significant financial and operational benefits.

Infosys Enterprise Network Transformation Services brochure provides a comprehensive view on our capabilities and offerings.


Challenges & Solutions

Infosys SD-WAN is a software-defined enterprise WAN connectivity solution that is operated through centralized software, delivering dynamic, secure, application aligned WAN architecture. SD-WAN is independent of the underlying WAN and internet connectivity mechanism leading to flexible cloud services adoption at a lower TCO and higher performance. The solution recasts the network role from being just a platform of connectivity to a unified platform for insights, automation, and security, thus laying the foundation for digital transformation.

Infosys SD-LAN is a solution that enables the programming of core and edge nodes serving enterprise users. We bring you cloud Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi-first solutions, combined with industry-specific persona definition and intent-based networking principles to enhance the user experience.

Infosys SD-DCN solutions enable you to deploy the hybrid cloud networking capabilities and the cloud-native networking capabilities in your cloud infrastructure.

Infosys SD-Access solution delivered on industry OEM technologies helps organizations manage the explosion of BYOD devices in a controlled and ‘zero-trust’ secured way while organizations are maximizing the evolution of wireless technologies to deliver unparalleled experiences to knowledge workers and business users.